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and the responsibility that it's on her. >> i think that's a big failure for the justice system. >> so convicted only of four misdemeanor counts for which she has not yet been sentenced. why is casey anthony still behind bars tonight? why didn't her lawyers ask the judge to let her out until she is sentenced on thursday? some thought it was an oversight, a lawyer's mistake. but tonight gary nurenberg reports the answer may be for her own safety. >> reporter: they did get her for lying. >> we the jury find the defendant guilty of providing false information to law enforcement officers. >> reporter: but she's already been in custody for three years. >> i think the judge will release her on thursday. there is no reason to keep her in any longer. >> reporter: so why didn't her defense team ask that she be released pending sentencing. perhaps for her own safety to let tempers cool. the local sheriff saw the big crowds outside the courthouse. >> please, i ask this community, that regardless of one's personal beliefs about the innocence or guilt of casey marie anthony, that you maintain your peaceful resol
taking on the trial on the "tonight" show only to have his casey anthony joke bomb, big time. >> i don't get this. casey anthony not guilty, not guilty. this means president obama's team is the second biggest people in america. did the mike go out? >> no, you're good. >> thashton kutcher simply retweeted this gem, o.j. simpson find this verdict outrageous. >> one of my favorites, anybody else hoping casey anthony is stupid enough to sue herself for millions in civil court? all right. as casey continues to be tried in the world of social media, coming up, has the mysterious father of caylee anthony just been identified? >> she gave me a name of eric baker. >> after casey anthony's mom spoke out, what happened to caylee's alleged father? plus -- >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> he came in with a presumption. he couldn't have done this. >> the biggest televised trials, the back story. then vanity fair on the billionaire split. >> the estimate of fees involved are about $20 million. >> a new york housewife versus a j.p. morgan heir. >> in depth on million-dollar celebrity divorces
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)